Music Services

Snowflower Music provides a wide range of music production services:

Arranging and Orchestration

We offer a wide range of arranging skills covering most musical styles and genre. From full-scale orchestrations to small ensembles, from jazz to classical, we have the experience to deliver what you want, the way you want, and when you want it. All of our work is guaranteed and we will work with you to assure your complete satisfaction! Let us prepare your music for publication. We use the FINALEĀ® notation program for engraving beautiful scores, parts, and leadsheets. Accuracy and clarity is our top priority. Need music for that special event or occasion? Let us create the music you want to hear in the style that suits you. Perhaps you need that perfect soundtrack to go with your video or, if you are a business, you may need a “jingle” for radio/tv advertising. Whatever your need for original musical composition, we are here to help.


Snowflower Music offers some production and recording services to the general public but our small, project-oriented studio is primarily used for post-production work such as mixing and pre-mastering. Working closely with other publishing companies, a majority of our time is spent in developing demos and rehearsal/performance tracks for musicals, theater, and other similar genre. All CDs, MP3s, and other audio on this site was produced and recorded here at Snowflower Music. If you would like more information regarding our equipment, recording services, or our fees, please click here: Contact Us


The publishing component of Snowflower Music is primarily that of works by Bob Marshall, Laura Komarek, Susan Houg.